Trojan Ws is an unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass Websocket. The Trojan has multiple protocols over WebSocket to avoid both active/passive detection and ISP QoS limitations. Trojan VPN imitating the most common services and behave identically.

How to use Trojan for Free NET:
Please note that this trick can be used if your free net trick requires SNI/Bug Host
1. Download and install Trojan App (V2rayNG, ,Kitsunebi, NapsternetV or etc.)
2. Create your account at GFW/GO and fill in SNI/Bug hostname there
3. Copy the configuration from the above step
4. Import the configuration to Trojan apps
5. Connect and Enjoy Free Net

Server Details
Location: Singapore
Protocol: Trojan
Transport: WebSocket
Port TLS: 443
Valid: 7 Days

What is Trojan GFW VPN?

An unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass GFW.

Trojan features multiple protocols over TLS to avoid both active/passive detections and ISP QoS limitations.

Trojan is not a fixed program or protocol. It's an idea, an idea that imitating the most common service, to an extent that it behaves identically, could help you get across the Great FireWall permanently, without being identified ever. We are the GreatER Fire; we ship Trojan Horses.


On penetrating GFW, people assume that strong encryption and random obfuscation may cheat GFW’s filtration mechanism. However, trojan implements the direct opposite: it imitates the most common protocol across the wall, HTTPS, to trick GFW into thinking that it is HTTPS.

What is Trojan Go VPN?

Trojan-Go is a complete Trojan agent implemented in Go language, compatible with the Trojan protocol and the original configuration file format. It supports and is compatible with most functions of the Trojan-GFW version, and has expanded more practical functions. The primary goal of Trojan-Go is to ensure transmission security and concealment. Under this premise, the transmission performance and ease of use should be improved as much as possible. A complete Trojan proxy implemented using Go, compatible with the original Trojan protocol and configuration file format. Safe, efficient, lightweight and easy to use. Trojan-Go supports multiplexing to improve concurrency performance. uses routing modules to achieve domestic and foreign traffic distribution. supports CDN traffic transfer (based on WebSocket over TLS). supports the use of AEAD for secondary encryption of Trojan traffic (based on Shadowsocks AEAD). supports pluggable The unplugged transport layer plug-in allows to replace TLS and use other encrypted tunnels to transmit Trojan protocol traffic. The pre-compiled binary executable file can be downloaded on the Release page. It can be run directly after decompression, no other components depend on it.

  • Trojan TLS
  • Trojan Websocket TLS
  • Trojan gRPC TLS
  • Trojan TLS Shadowrocket
  • Trojan TLS QV2ray
  • TLS tunneling.
  • UDP proxy.
  • Transparent proxy based on TProxy (TCP / UDP)
  • Countermeasures against GFW passive detection/active detection mechanism.
  • Socks5 / HTTP proxy automatic adaptation.
  • Websocket transmission support to realize CDN traffic transfer (based on WebSocket over TLS) and counter GFW man-in-the-middle attacks.

How To Create An Trojan Ws Singapore Account

To create an Trojan Ws account location in Singapore you must fill the form, input your username and your password. For username min length 3 character, max length 12 characters alphanumeric. And for password min length 1 character, max length 12 character alphanumeric. Don't forget to complete the captcha challenge to ensure that you are not a robot, and then click the Create Account button.

You can use the Trojan Ws Singapore account in Bitvise Trojan Ws client on Windows, HTTP Custom, HTTP Injector, etc. on android.

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